Monday, March 21, 2011

Public Service Announcement - One Second Plumber

A few weeks ago my kitchen sink was clogged, and I couldn't unclog it with the usual goopy chemicals. I had to get the apartment handy-dude to come. Which is always a hassle for reasons I won't bore you with. I noticed he cleared it using some sort of pump that went "GALOOP!" and a second later the clog was gone.

This week our bathroom sink's slow-drain became near clogged. Harumph. Two bottles of goop, to no avail. (Are the cats pouring litter down our drains or something?) I even tried plungering, but didn't work. So I went to the little hardware store down the hill and there it was--the pumpy thing. It's called One Second Plumber.

The starter kit was $24 (probably cheaper at big hardware stores) but it's good for 24 uses. You have to read the instructions, cause if you don't properly plug any air holes to your sink, you'll end up with slug all over you (yes there are horror stories on the internet.) I plugged the sink's overflow hole with a cloth and held onto it. I filled in some water into the sink--because apparently how it works is it uses a mixture of gases, that interact with water, to make the water GALOOP through the pipes and push out the blockage. (It's not compressed air, as many think.)

I held it down to the drain, in some water. Pushed it down for a second. There was a faint GALOOP noise. I lifted it up. Bubble bubble. And then swiiiish! The water disappeared and my sink has been working like new.

The One Second Plumber is my new best friend. And I recommend it to all my little friends out there too. Your life will take on new meaning. Buy it as your next housewarming gift.


Aluwings said...

Sounds like a good tool to have on hand. Thanks. Good to have the benefit of someone's personal endorsement.

dirtyduck said...

"Which is always a hassle for reasons I won't bore you with"

i dunno, i bet there is some good stuff in that story:)

are you on the vegan blog list?

London Mabel said...

Not really good stories. Our landlady is just annoying. And I sleep late during the day, so I won't hear the knock on the door if I don't know when he's coming. And she never wants to tell us when he's coming. Bla bla bla.

I didn't add myself to the vegan list, cause my blog's not really vegan. It's like Oreo cookies... it happens to be vegan, but not intentionally so? I don't know. Would feel weird... :-)

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