Monday, March 10, 2008

The Stata is away! (Hooray!)

I've had my codeine refresh... playing around in my stats. Hmm it's too late to hit the pharm on the way home. Doh! Now it will be Fernando's turn to trek down the hill tomorrow.

My prof still hasn't replied, re. setting up a meeting to talk about the critique I got on my paper. What the hell does the "cluster" option in Stata do?? Help!

I enjoy playing in my stats, but it takes so long, I will JUST DIE of happiness if the Eyal-computer option works out. I can sit in bed and Stata away! Weeee!

Sigh. Alright. Better hit the road.

The dreaded "Stats Stare"

(Not dissimilar to the 1000 Yard Stare)

And then the heavens opened up...

At school.

I started feeling sick again during my students' exam, but then remembered it was time to hit the Tylenol/Codeine again, so I think I'm alright. I think I can go to the computer lab and manage a bit of work.

But most importantly, Friend Eyal--also known as God's Gift to Terri--is going to lend me a PC so I can use the stats program at home. Fingers crossed that it works etc. If so, having that program at home will make the next few weeks heavenly, especially if I get sick.


Fernando's been home for almost 2 weeks, and I thought--well with all his coughing, if I haven't gotten sick by now, it's not going to happen...


I was congested the other day - now I have a sore throat, which he says is the first stage - and I might be getting feverish cause I'm having the whole "must put on 5 layers to get warm" "now boiling hot, must remove all flannels and put on spring pajamas."

It's 4 weeks til my deadline. I CAN'T get sick. I woke up at 7 this morning (engaged in the above pajama fever dance) and felt awful, just no energy. But after falling asleep again, I feel better now - just a cracking good headache, and still the sore throat.

Noooooooooooooooo! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

wouldn't trade them for the world

I've talked before about "the woman whose living my life" -- the blogger with a rich husband who lives in London and San Fran. But there is one obstacle that would prevent me from actually wanting her life: She can't have cats.

She's a huge cat lover, but because they travel all the time, and live in two cities, she can't keep one. In her old home the nabe had a bunch of cats, and one of them would live with her when she was home: Clyde. She talked about Clyde all the time, and took photos.

But they recently moved to a beautiful new house on a hillside, and she couldn't bring Clyde with her because, again, of the traveling. (Plus there might be wild beasts around where they are, or something.) So she's totally broken hearted about it. She has a fake cat in 2nd life named Clyde.

I can hardly read her blog entries about saying goodbye to him, because I know how she's feeling. I could not give up my 3 monsters.

(Of course, they would give me up for an extra serving of softies. But then that's the beauty of cats.)

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