Thursday, June 12, 2008

If its Wednesday it Must Be Vancouver

- read Thoreau
- ate chocolate for breakfast
- showered
- sat on chair in sun and read novel, with cats and dog
- explored back yard accompanied by Oasis (the Paws that refreshes)
- took Bobby on back yard walk
- ate Indian take-out
- watched tv
- internetted
- watched movie (2nd movie about adultery this week ??!)


Since seeking out scary things in the Step-mommy room, I thought I would seek out scary things in Mommy Yard. Now suspect she is involved in Dark Arts.

Headless Dragon

Donkey talisman found in shed, no doubt to
ward off gnome thieves.

Prettier things... little flowers

guarded by scary thorns.

Less rare, but less dangerous flowers.

And the animals...
While the dogs are out.

Nature Boy
(who now follows me everywhere)


Oasis with his pretty green eyes
He finally climbed up for a schnoogle today

Later: napping Eddy

Napping Rockster

A cat tree hidden in the grasses!
Now that's the life.

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