Tuesday, April 1, 2008

sleeeeeeep sleeeeeeeeeeep!

Ugh insomnia. And I had my sched all turned around! I was super tired by 2 AM, totally ready for bed!

At first it was just the classic Hard to Fall Asleep, which in my pre-drug days was normal. I'm a slow faller-asleeper because as soon as Head Hits Pillow my pea-sized brain starts thinking intensely about my day, or issues in my life etc. I have mental tricks to turn my thoughts away from life, and then I fall asleep.

If that's not working (and it's not a too-hot-pajamas thing) then a bowl of cereal and a book in bed, with only the bedside lamp, works. Tonight it was homemade granola and Connie Willis. It seemed to work, I got super tired again, tried to sleep, and this time I wasn't thinking about My Day, but... still no sleeps.

So I've been sitting here about an hour doing internet stuff, even though I feel exhausted. Had some yummy potato and mushroom pie. Drank a mug of hot carob. I'll give it another go... sigh...

Tonight my mind was racing from the TA meeting I went to. It was loads of fun! I never knew strike votes were so entertaining.

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