Tuesday, April 15, 2008

4 AM - Finished MA requirements. Let's hope I pass.

For five long years you have toiled and laboured for my happiness.

Last offline post... possibly incoherent

Ap 15 2:55 AM

I've been working about 12 hours/day for the last few days. They didn't feel like long days. I wasn't stressed or anything--just focused. Looks like I got enough work done throughout the semester to allow me to be quite, quite pleased with the final draft. Thanks to The God who lent me his PC I've been able to run any new stat idea that came to mind. Lending me this computer wasn't just a life saver, it probably made a difference to my final grade! (The paper is graded by 2 profs and they take the average.)

So now I'm sticking in graphs and fiddling with headers and such. There'll be no overnighter, no last minute work in the morning. I'll get downtown early enough to print (and make allowance for printing emergencies), and if I get there early enough I can spend a little time on the picket lines before I leave.

Listening to Kate Bush--I felt she should be with me in these last moments. All three kittenatudes are in the room, in napping solidarity. Fernando's studying Warcraft books in the next room.

Alright... off to finish the last bits. Tootaloo!

Tales from an offline diary... s'more

Ap 14 7 PM

Blehhhh I hate this part. I've read the whole paper once, to edit it. But now I have to give it another read. Wether it's fiction or school, I hate rereading my writing for the millionth time. Where's the suspense? Where are the red herrings? The shattering reveal at the end when the detective has all the suspects in a room?? It's so boring. And you can't speed read either... I mean, the point is you have to read carefully. Sucks sucks sucks.

Once this is done I have to transpose this from my working program to word, and get started on the footnotes. Then add in the graphs and tables, which will result in many computer related headaches and disasters, not to mention Word shutting down all the time. As a Romantic poet once said: Happy am I. Joy is my name.

Ap 14 11:57 PM

God bless EndNote.

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