Tuesday, June 10, 2008

If it's Monday it must be Vancouver

Hmm... up a little too late here. Not sure why. Just didn't feel like going to bed I guess.

Mum will be at work for the rest of the week while I'm here, so getting up in the AM isn't exactly dire.

This morning I woke up when the dog walker came to get the brat pack (Sassy, Fast Eddy and Rocky). I had breakfast with the old lame dog (but extremely chirpy) dog, Bobby, and with the three cats: Oasis, Purdy and Mystery. Bobby LOVES bananas. And apples. I'd say he's a raw foodist vegan, but he didn't turn his nose up at the tuna I gave him yesterday.

I played ball with Purdy, and then Bobby. Ever seen a lame dog play ball? I don't throw it too far, and he runs to it (limp-a-thumpy-limp-a-thumpy) but doesn't bother picking it up in his mouth. He's more like a cat, just waits for me to throw it again.

I read Thoreau--still on the first chapter.

Watched lots of TV.

Did some internetsing.

We went to dinner at a vegetarian Asian place.

That's about all I have to report. I suspect tomorrow will be very similar.

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