Friday, June 6, 2008

Just call me Jek Porkins: Red Six

So I've been on amitriptyline for about 8 months. The dosage was increased to 50 mg before Christmas I think.

I thought the only side effect I was having was the drowsiness, which I can live with since it helps me sleep. And I've occasionally had dry mouth. I might be getting constipation except I eat so much fibre I wouldn't notice. But I've gained weight this year (as measured by the snuggness of the jeans I bought last summer), and while there's nothing surprising in that (sitting at a desk writing papers and eating homemade treats) I can't say I'm eating much worse than I did in the first few years of school. This recent gain seems unusually rapid for me.

So it's occurred to me that it might be the drug, since most anti-depressants (which this was originally made for) cause weight. Sure enough, it's a possible side effect, and it doesn't take long to find long threads of people panicking about their post-amitriptyline rapid weight gain. Doh!

Well I won't go off it--I can't live with that level of headachiness. But I may have to... no don't say it!... gasp!... exercise. I bought this pair of jeans and 3 corduroys last summer, I can't afford to outgrow them! That's money, baby.

And speaking of drowsiness... I took my pill 2 hours ago and now I'm ready to fall face first into the keyboard. Away to bed! Tomorrow I shall be reporting in from Vancouver.

If it's Thursday It Must Be Nanaimo

No photos today.

- it's raining
- dad and I went out to the airport to pick up his cousin's girlfriend
- I make jerk "chicken" and Indian rice for supper
- I made dad his peanut butter birthday cookies
- now we're watching Ben-Hur, which dad's been dying to watch all week
- big galley slave fight scene

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