Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This is pretty funny. It's the most high-tech self-cleaning cat box I've ever seen. It's actually ecologically better than cat litter, since it has rewashable granules (that the machine washes), but I won't buy something like this til they've been on the market longer. One glance at the reviews on amazon shows how often this breaks down, which is not a surprise considering how complex it is.

I also didn't see whether it plugs in, or runs on batteries. I didn't think through my last Robot Purchase, which was the shower cleaner--because it took up so many batteries! I was clearly in a Delusional and Desperate School Phase when I bought that thing!

Right now I'm using a spray bottle of shower cleaner, but when it runs out I'm going to come up with a homemade cleaning solution for the shower (vinegar or whatever--I'll just do a little googling. At worst, I can use Hertel.) I'm about to run out of my eco all-purpose cleaner too, and though it's from a company I approve of, I may also replace that with homemade cleaner.

My real challenge, though, is to figure out how to make my own Lysol wipes. I can get eco-animal friendly ones from Method, but again, the expense. I've kept my empty bottle for experimenting. I need to find some sort of cheap, thin cleaning cloth... I wonder if cheese cloth would work. But can I get them rolled up in such a way that they'll pull out of the bottle like the disposable wipes do? That would be cool.

My best eco invention has been my face cleaning cloths. I took new soft dusting cloths and cut them into squares, and put them in a jar. I use them in the place of cotton balls or cleaning pads. I leave a small mesh laundry bag next to the jar for the dirty ones, and toss it in the washing machine.

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