Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Back on the Nets!

First day back to school and I'm getting a sickitude! But just a cold, no biggie. Actually, to save hours for the grading my prof's not requiring we attend class, so I can sit at home and work on my MA essay until Jan 28. Then the 6 conferences begin! (I'm doing a half-TAship extra, to make a little extra dough.) Well, unless there is enough time in my contract to attend some classes and grade--I guess she'll let me know once it's calculated.

Anyway. So I am only just catching up on my internetahj--updated my Christmas photos to facebook. But look at this old pic I found on my other computer-->I tell you, once Christmas gets into your clothes, there's no getting it out!

I remember those ornaments. I miss them.

Anyway. I gotta go sleep off the coldy, but first I want to post my Christmas supper-ahj recipes to my foodie blog. I really enjoyed making it--I cooked through about 4 movies (I have a mini TV in my kitchen.) I like cooking alone, at a slow pace, relaxed, one thing at a time, washing as I go... I think I watched... old Pride and Prejudice... State and Main... Christmas Carol... and oh ya The Belles of St Trinian's. I eventually had to put on running shoes cause my feet were so sore from standing.

We didn't have a sit-down supper, though--we just ate a new course whenever we felt moved to do so. We were so relaxed about the Christmas planning, that it ended up Perfect. The food (and H's apple cider) all worked out, we all sort of rolled out of bed and sluffed down to Paul's at the same time, and we had lots of conversation and laughs, none of the sibling combos fought (or husband and wife combo) etc. Anyway, all is narrated on facebook in my photo album.

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