Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If it's Tuesday it Must Be Vancouver

Eating a tomato sandwich, and a banana. Since I decided that my 30s are about trying things I'd previously decided I didn't like, I'm eating bananas this week.

I'm in the mood to watch movies, and all there is on TV is a Cedric the Entertainer family vacation movie.

Today I... did nothing special. It was a bit sunny so I took Bobby for a walk. Poor old Bobby has joint problems, and we just found out his kidneys are failing, so he doesn't go on the big long vigorous walk that the others go on. But today he wanted to walk to the back fence of the yard, and back.

I've picked up a couple little critter friends this year. Last year it was Haley... who I then begged my husband to let me keep. This year, in Nanaimo, it was Philea the African Gray--she flew on my shoulder every time I went in the kitchen to cook cause I would lay out an array of great treats and toys to play with. (What's this vegetable? I want to try it. Let me chew this bottle! What are you doing with that? Let me sample your casserole.)

Here at my mum's it's been little Bobby. He follows me around, hoping for banana.

Tonight we went down to Commercial Drive for supper. We tried out a vegetarian restaurant called Deserts On the Drive (no I did not misspell that.) It was no more than ok. Then we walked up to the vegan store/restaurant Sweet Cherubim, to buy some vegan desserts. I bought a variety of things, and so far I've tried the pumpkin pie. It basically sucked. It tasted the way people expect vegan desserts to taste, but there's no excuse for that in this day and age. Making great vegan desserts is a no-brainer. As Miss Piggy would say: Hmph!

Here's Mr Bobby with my Madre. You can see an old pal of mine in the background.
My mum bought this Most Excellent Chewbacca cutout off ebay. And she didn't even know that when I was in grade 2, and living with my dad, I had one of these!! My brother and I liked to place him outside the door of the bathroom and scare anyone coming out. (I think he had a Boba Fett cutout?) Chewie!!!!! I never forgave Princess Leia for calling him a walking carpet.
Here's Oasis napping by the fireside. Lucky for Fernando, he's a shyer cat than Haley. (He's lived on the streets, yo. Unlike my spoiled princess, whose only problem is that she's too much woman for most to handle.)

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