Wednesday, March 12, 2008

iiice cream! we're gonna eat iiice cream!

3 Projects Today:

1. Try to swallow food and liquids, even though my throat feels like the Bill Cosby "Tonsils" skit, post-operation. [Go to 3:42 in the following video, which is only part 2 of the skit.]

2. Try to rip off an ipod.

3. Set up STATA on the PC Eyal lent me.

I'm attempting #1 right now--spaghetti with squash sauce. Going alright. I'm also not talking at all, to give my throat a rest.

I'm also in the middle of #2. My Sugar Brother offered to pay for the 2nd hand ipod I wanted to buy--so Friend Eyal (so useful that F.E.!) scanned eBay, bid on, and paid for my ipod. Brother Paul paid for it. Yesterday F.E. delivered. Here's me scrutinizing the tunes that were still uploaded onto it (about 400+ songs).
I plugged Heigh Ho Silver into my desktop, double clicked on the icon, and saw a problem I hadn't anticipated. I just couldn't see the actual music files (as I would on a regular player.) I could see the songs in iTunes, and I could see they weren't protected... I just needed to extract them! I found a fix at Macworld. I had to download a free program that allows me to see hidden folders. Seems to have worked, so I can get all that emo music off Silver.

3. TBA

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