Thursday, March 20, 2008

Only 40 cms to go!

Fainting, The Headache, and Sandwiches

I saw a girl faint on the bus the other day. And me without my smelling salts.

It was interesting. She fell on the girl next to me.

So. Chest congestion continues, making it hard to fall asleep. Sleeping very weird hours now. I've also had one of my bad headaches for 3 days. The sore throat is on and off, still taking codeine for that. The headache might be a rebound headache from the codeine, since I had previously cut down on the stuff.

When I do manage to fall asleep, I can sleep fairly long. And I'm still having all these weird dreams, which I've been having since taking these headache pills which put me in REM all the time. Last night I dreamt a war had started up involving Jordan and Israel, and I was icing a really gigantic cookie I had made. The night before I dreamt that (a) Lisa Sanchez was still the district manager at my work, and she gave me a Below Average on my eval, even though I'm not a manager; and (b) that my stats prof was working at a sandwich shop in a mall. Must be cause he was eating a huge sandwich when I spoke to him the other day. But I have no idea what Lisa Sanchez--who was our hated DM years ago--was doing in my dreamland.

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