Friday, June 13, 2008

frigga frakka frakky

What the menowz! I FINALLY get into the right mood to open up my novel, give it a last re-read/edit, and write up the outline at the same time... and realize that the version on this computer is not the most recent. I mostly wrote the story on my desktop.

If it's Thursday it Must Be Vancouver

Not much to report today. It was hot and sunny, I had trouble reading my book out of doors. I just ate and watched TV. Dug out my mother's books so she can do a little purging (not the Eating Disorder kind.) It's now that time of night when I look for a good movie on tv, and only find Cedric the Entertainer Goes on Vacation, or movies about adultery.

Let's see...
- robber trying to turn life around has to do one more heist (if Hollywood is to be believed, all bank robberies are by wannabe reforming robbers)
- Claude Rains and dinosaurs
- here's the kind of movie description I love: "An American photojournalist shows up unannounced on his estranged sister's doorstep in rural Nova Scotia." How long is that movie... about one minute? "Hey." "Hey. Long time no see. ...Come in." The End.
- movie about blood diamonds -- no
- vet assistant stitches body parts together to make herself some friends
- Seven -- er, no, don't need to see that twice
- Stephen King story... hmmeh
- movie about adultery (Fatal Attraction)
- Mask -- seen it
- Rounders -- seen it

Sigh. When I was in school I swear every channel was constantly showing something amazing!

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