Monday, June 2, 2008

In Nanaimoland

So visiting the folks in Nanaimo. On Friday I flew here with step-mommy, who had been visiting us in Montreal. We watched SW: A New Hope.


The Father and I solved all the world's problems (that's what I call Really Long Conversations) and went for a walk on the city harbour front. We watched Empire Strikes Back.

Here is the view from Bedroom Window:
Harbour Front
Sitting in the park, still solving the world's problems:
The Dogzilla hot dog stand:

One of the three birds: Chara.
The result of having 3 birds - Stepmommy cleaning cleaning cleaning:My corner in the living room, from whence I write this, listening to Metallica: (I don't know why this text is underlined.)

And the view:

The Pater returns from church (that is to say - handing out hot dogs and hot chocolate to street folk.) Step-mommy and I stayed in Being Trivial (watched The Mummy II) while he was out Being Good.


There's this yellow flower EVERYwhere around the island, and tonight I discovered what it is. Scotch Broom. Another Nancy Drew mystery comes to a close.

What was I doing last year?

Let's go over to my old blog and see what I was up to in May 2006 and 2007:


- taxes: " I've been working on my and Ben's taxes today. But let's not talk about Evil Tax Software. Because it's evil. "
- I was choosing a blog location
- was singing "Mystic Man" by Peter Tosh "I don't eat no hamburger"
- went to Faux Abba show
- watched Star Wars movies for my birthday
- was enjoying Jim Steinman:

I raised my guitar high above my head and just as I was
about to bring the guitar crashing down upon the center of the bed
my father woke up screaming:
"stop...wait a minute..stop it,boy"
"what do you think you're doing???
That's no way to treat an expensive musical instrument"
And I said "god damn it, daddy!!!
You know I love you....."


- whining about writing papers
- people realized the HIV rate in parts of Africa is much lower than they previously thought
- taking Tylenol-codeine every 4 hours
- had 7 cankers on my tongue from obsessively chewing cinnamon gum
- " Fernando's up. He'll be sorry he missed the four hour Warcraft window. Too bad sucka!"
- listening to new Tori and Feist
- the Prince video I posted is no longer available because Prince is as squirrelly as a nutbar

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