Friday, April 18, 2008

100 goals in 1 night

Just reading my fave money blog, where he relates second-hand the story of a teacher at a real estate seminar who asked her 40 students to create a list of 100 goals, that night, as homework. And the next day only one student had done it. (Clearly not a room full of overachieving type A poli sci graduate students.)

So... could you write a list of 100 goals in one night? I'll update you tomorrow and we'll see if I manage it.

Okay I'm back. I'm up to 47. One of the goals I accomplished right after listing it, but I'm leaving it on. Since putting it on the list made me remember to do it, I figure that counts.

This is hard. In part because I don't want this to become a List of Becoming a Perfect Human Being. You know... like a list of New Years resolutions that you later feel bad about because you just aren't living this perfect life you unrealistically outlined for yourself. I'm all for making specific goals with timelines, but you have to limit yourself to a certain number at a time--prioritize. Saving money for a new couch and retirement is more important right now than saving money for a second trip to London. I mean, I might go back to London in, like, 10-20 years. I'm not going to put a money goal on it right now! Ease.

Also... making this list is preventing me from working on Goal #5 - finish plotting my next novel. I should have done this while I was in school and desperate to procrastinate.

Gasp! I just realized I can't even fill up a couple spots with "finish MA paper" and "get degree." Man! Reaching goals sucks... you always have to find new ones to put on! I this week I reached two other goals, to make homemade stock for the first time, and homemade seitan. This isn't fair...

I don't think this should be a perpetual 100 Goals list. It ought to get shorter as I achieve them. Otherwise I'll be 80 years old and writing "Make supper tonight. Make breakfast tomorrow. Make lunch tomorrow..."


Overheard at McGill

You know you're too busy when you even stop reading Overheard at McGill! Time to catch up...

Girl: Stop calling women objects or tools! Women are NOT tools!
Guy: Of course they aren’t tools. Tools are useful.
- McGill Arena

International student: I got in a car accident on my way to the airport.
Oblivious science student: OMG that’s crazy, I just don’t know how anyone manages to drive in Africa with no roads.
- Burnside Basement

Student: Mcgill is the pimp, and we’re its overworked hoes.
- Trottier
(Editor’s Note: This is untrue. Due to recent events, we now understand that the T.A.s are, in fact, the overworked hoes.)

Student: There are two things I hate this much: One is this program… The other is your mom.
- Trottier

Student on cell phone: Hey, do you want to come see a play with me tonight? Ya? It’s the “Taming of the Shrew,” it’s based on that movie: “Ten Things I Hate About You!”
- Arts Building West Wing

Engineer 1:Valentines is coming up. What should i get my girlfriend?
(long pause)
Engineer 2: Does she like Star Wars?
- engineering common room


Girl: Would you have sex with your mom for a million dollars?
Boy: I’d have sex with my mom just to get laid.
- New Rez Cafe

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