Saturday, May 21, 2011

A bit of moving...

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I'll post personal things on the weekends. I think. That's the plan for now.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Retiring the Trivial Buttonhole?

Oscar & Will contemplate the unexamined life. Decide not worth living.
I'm thinking of retiring little Trivial Buttonhole (or Butthole as my brother's always read it.) I've been making Mabeltalk more personal, so I'm posting here less anyway. I'm thinking maybe the things I would normally post here--pictures of the cats, vegan chat, what I'm writing etc.--I could just post on Mabeltalk on the weekends. Cause I don't usually post my regular mabeltopics on Sat and Sunday (though lately even that schedule's been all woooo!)

So for those who are only interested in checking in on me on a kittykat level, you'll know to just check mabeltalk on the weekend, and you can ignore me the rest of the time, if you're not into all the "Fat shaming! Makes me mad! Arrr!" and "Love yourself! Here's a song! Grrr!"

I think I'm also trying to reconcile my two sides a little better, as well. (Yes I'm still in this massive cocoon phase I've been in all winter. You'd think I'd be out by now, eh? I finally received my cute oracle cards. Maybe that'll help!) I've always said I only half fit the Gemini profile because while they're supposed to be big communicators and flit around to a lot of new interests (oui, c'est moi), they also have trouble with constancy. Well, I might be inconstant when it comes to clothing styles, but I've been in love with the same man since I was 15 years old.

But I do feel like 2-in-1 in terms of having a Very Silly Side married to a Very Serious Side. Trivial Buttonhole, starring Oscar Wilde, with it's funny "quotes of the now" and so forth represents frothy me. The is the fiction writer side of me. Half of the friendships I have correspond to this side. I identify this side more with my mother and my brother.* I say it's frothy, but it's super important. Georgette Heyer's Friday's Child helped keep Romanian prisoners sane. Hugh Laurie credits Wodehouse with saving his life. And Oscar said life was too important to be taken seriously. Humor is Serious Bidness.

The other half of my I associate with my father and step-mother,** and it's who I married, and I have a bunch of friendships on that side too. That's the side that launched Mabeltalk, and is concerned with fat shaming, and racism, and sexism, and other-isms, and wants to teach, and cares about people's inner childrenz, and reads non-fiction and wants to talk for hours about politics and people's relationships. This side of me ends up befriending some pretty intense people.

But I think I'm getting tired of being Trivial on one side, and Mabeltalk on the other. Maybe it's because when I'm frolicking about in Bettyland I get to be both, so separating the two sides is starting to confuse me. I don't know where to post things anymore.

I'll keep up my music blog, though, because every once in awhile I get on a real music tear and there's no blog that can hold all that. Better to keep it isolated, at least until I feel otherwise. Same with my comments blog. I'm not consistent with it, but when I do read a bunch of articles, I always come up with tee hee things to put on there.

Well. This pot's on the front burner. The temperature's turned up. I'll know any day now whether the dish is done or not. :-)

* **
My mother and 1/3 of the Brat Pack
Okay obviously my mother and brother aren't all-silly, and my father and stepmother aren't all-serious--it's a generalization. I do come by my feminism and social politics from my mother, and she rescues animals and loves politics.

But my brother and I also know that--although our father is very funny--the truly wickedest part of our humor is a genetic inheritance from our mother's side of the family. It's also with our mother that we can watch anything from the Beavis & Butthead movie to Pineapple Express. She used to have a life sized giraffe statue in her living room. She used to spit beer at us between her teeth when we were little. She and my brother are my top "beta readers" for my writing. Her hero is Auntie Mame, and she introduced me to The Thin Man, A Room With a View, and Georgette Heyer.

Also, my mother's father (the English professor) introduced me to Oscar Wilde and Bernard Shaw, used to tell dirty but erudite jokes, and wore a t-shirt that said: Here he cometh, there he goeth. So yes--I stand by my statement that I associate my frivolous side with my mother and brother, the R--- side of the family.

My father gives Yoda a shave
...Whereas I'm in the midst of helping to edit my father his article taking down Just War theory from a pacifist standpoint, for a progressive Christian magazine. Next he wants to write something for them on animal rights. My step-mother repaints dolls and donates the money to an orphanage in Mexico, never approved my fandom of Prince because of all the sex in his music, and didn't get the difference between S&M and abusing women when Madonna recorded the song "Spank Me." She's adorably goofy, but not in the Wildean way.  ;-)

I haven't said much about my brother. Cause he's due for his own post soon.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do you knit? You NEED this caplet. You need it! (Celebrating Ms Casapinka)

One of my favorite blogs to read is casapinka. She's a doctor * creative (and currently full-time) mother of two * wife * knitter * knitting designer * her-home decorator * lover of all things pink * and all-around witty lady. The way she writes about her the weirdness of kiddos amoozes me greatly, so I get to enjoy child-rearing at arm's length.

She makes so much effort to bring out their creativity, and it always feels like her children have plenty of breathing room to blossom into their Own True Selves--whether that means her son wants to wear Hello Kitty socks and carry a baby doll named Tom, or her daughter wants to skateboard while on a royal-wedding-weekend-getaway.

She also makes the funnest sewing and knitting projects like her son's "Japanese surfing trousers"

And she has the same can-do attitude as the women-folk in my family. When confronted with tinted car windows that would prevent her taking her driver's test, and the impossibility of having the tint removed before six months, she wrote (in re her husband stressing out):
"I, however, love problems like this. These are the challenges in life that don't really matter and are just begging to be solved creatively."
Yes. Some challenges don't really matter.

Pink also takes beautiful photos...

And is just so durned quirky, sarcastic and down to earth, that though you'd love to hate her for being so talented, and such a great parent, and having such great taste... bahhhhh you CAN'T!!! Look at her! Cute! Quirky! She made a sweater with pom-poms on it!!

And speaking of talented, the reason for all this netluvs is that I wanted to celebrate her publishment: Her pattern for a bridal caplet was published in Love of Knitting magazine. Yays!!! <--I don't make knitting patterns so I can afford to be generous and unjealous. Yays!!!

But I don't knit, so I can't run out and buy the magazine and be supportive. So I'm posting it in case it inspires someone else. I presume one can change the color and--amazing!--no longer just a bridal caplet. Eez cute non? Eez cute.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby cheeses it's good

My bettybuddy[see other blog] in Australia turned me onto this show, but now I need to find a source for episodes! Amazon only has the US version of the show.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Arthur and The Rightness of the Couple

I finally saw the original Arthur movie. Aaaaat laaaaaaast myyyy looooove haaaaas come aloooong. Where has it been all my life??

If you haven't seen it, the basic plot is: Arthur = spoiled millionaire child of a snobbish and distant father. Drunk most of the time, but you understand why when you see his family, and the woman he's expected to marry. She's the most wonderful Wrong Person Hero Is Engaged To I've ever seen. Unconditional love of the most stifling and horrifying order.

Her father abhors Arthur, but will force him to marry Susan, only to please his little girl. One of my favorite bits of dialogue in the movie is where Susan's father manfully says to Arthur: "When I was 11 years old, I killed a man."  Terrified, Arthur replies understandingly: "Well, when you're 11 you probably don't even know there's a law against that."

Arthur will be cut off from all monies if he doesn't marry Susan, and having no useful skills he resigns himself; but then he meets Linda. He sees her shoplifting a tie, and when the guard follows her out of the store to arrest her, Arthur follows them out and saves her. Here's where I decided the movie was perfect, because in the five minute scene of him saving her with lies, and her going along with his lies, and then the first flirtation between Arthur and Linda, followed all the while by Arthur's butler, and then the first witticisms exchanged between Linda and the butler... you know that Arthur and Linda are meant to be together. [The scene isn't online, but here's a later scene from the movie.]

Sometimes you go an entire movie or novel not quite convinced that a couple is meant to be together. Once you're sold on this, you're sold for the rest of the movie (and the sequel) because you're rooting for them. They were so good together, they're one of the few movie couples you could imagine hanging a series on, like Nick and Nora Charles.

Billy Mernit, who writes about romantic comedy, agrees about the importance of being convinced over the rightness of a match: 
"Romantic comedy writers all too often put way too much emphasis on figuring out ways to keep their leads apart.  But conflicts and obstacles are actually the easy part of romantic comedy screenwriting.  The harder task lies in creating what I call a chemical equation for your protagonists - presenting the clear, vivid and genuinely convincing evidence that because he's like this and she's like that, they absolutely, positively must end up a couple." (In his review of Just Go With It)

Georgette Heyer was aces at this too.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh my days, that last post was supposed to be posted on my comments blog, upon which I was fixing technical problems. I hit post, went to look at it, and then face-palmed. I feel like a moron this morning.

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