Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Get to work!

Now that the TAing and grading has begun, the procrastination should slowly ease up. Now that there are deadlines in my life again. When you procrastinate, you're not actually enjoying whatever your doing... so it's all very depressing. I feel better when I work. But that doesn't actually make me work. Sigh. SCHOOL MUST END!

Valentine's Day

Fernando will be in Calgary when Val Day hits. We don't do anything for that holiday anyway, though one year I was yearning for a big fluffy ape at the mall where I worked, and he bought me that... I named him Farley after Farley Mowat.

But now that our generation is starting to hit the Divorce Stage, we figure we should put a little more effort into Le Being Romantic. So I made chocolate cupcakes in my new heart shaped cupcake pans from dollar store. Very cute.

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