Monday, March 24, 2008

the race against the nets

I am still completely turned around in my sleeping, despite having gone to work and school in between. I sleep from 8 AM to 5 or 7 PM. And the cats are so sleepy and quiet during the day, they're no help.

Alright, I've only been on the net about 20 minutes. I am now getting off. This will be a NEW RECORD.

grading grading grading and blogging

Just grading this week, so I'm trying to stay away from the computer. I try to hop on for an hour or two to read my emails and post a couple bloggies.

I think I'll kill my anti-Christian blog. I just don't follow what Christian folkies write, so how can I then trash them? I'm just not engaged enough in That World. I usually only get riled up when my dad tells me something. Or they act crazy enough to get on the news, like with Golden Compass. Maybe I'm just not a negative enough person to spend time thinking about stuff that annoys me anyway.

I started a music blog though. Well I already had this blank blog called Tea Scone, and I'm constantly thinking about music, so I decided to start dumping my opinions there in order to keep the air clear over here. I update that MUCH more than the religion one. I allllways have something to say about music. (Ahhh I'm playing that Mark Isham song again... my soul is mellllting.) Plus I can always post my American Idol opinions there, for whoever still watches it. Again, it's nothing original... just my compulsive need to write down everything I'm thinking (that's safe for webizing.)

I think I might start a romance blog too. Novels, movies, songs, real life--anything. I love good love stories. I spend a lot of time on them too. La musique, la cuisine, l'amour! ... ahhh zees are zee sings zat Meeess Mabel wants to spend 'er enerj-eeh on!

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