Friday, May 16, 2008

No news is... you know the rest

Hmm haven't had much to say lately, about my day to day life.

Cooking: tonight, quinoa and chick peas from Dreena Burton
House cleaning and organizing: today, painted window frames, washed windows and curtains
Work: schleppin' books
Fiction: finally The Eight is getting good
Non-fiction: almost done The Omnivore's Dilemma
TV: very much into the Numb3rs and House reruns
Music: James Bond songs, Nina Simone, Peter Paul and Mary
Library: Doh! I think I had stuff due today
Movies: Still watching Henry V over and over, thinking about my story
Writing: Doing some plotting for Hen, but haven't gone Full into writing mode yet... trying to get my home in order first
Job Hunting: nothing to do right now
Buddies: Hanging with Pablo, and gossiping with my Work Husband
Real Husband: Mostly we're bickering... I think school has ruined my marriage. Better get it worked out before the 10 Year Anniversary next month.

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