Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Green Clean Up

The Greening of T-Scone continues...

A couple months ago I finally purchased greenie-bulbs, to slowly replace the regular ones.

I've got my kitchen organized so I can wash and clean jars and containers, and then I hope to buy more stuff from the bulk store. It's not necessarily cheaper, but less packaging.

I'm going to post a "no flyers" notice on my mailbox (after I get a translation into French from the step-mommyness.)

At the grocery store I avoid the little veggie baggies if I can, but for some things they're still convenient. I think the little dryer baggies from the dollar store (meant for drying delicates in your dryer) may work well--in terms of not adding too much weight.

The long-term problem that's bothering me is composting. You can get indoor composting units, but where would I put the dirt? Maybe I could go out in the middle of the night and spread it on people's lawns.

Hey! I never did finish my 100 Goals List. I have failed. But look, I can put all these green goals on it, to plump it up! Woo!

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