Sunday, June 15, 2008

still not sleeping

Watching Murder at 1600. Snipes is cute. Fiddling around with my blogs. Yesterday I finally killed the religion one, and replaced it with a writing one. I wasn't going to have a writing blog... not sure what I'll ever say on it... but one of the agents whose blogs I read says everyone needs a web presence of some kind. I'm not gonna run out and buy a dot com just yet. ! That falls under the category of "fantasizing rather than doing real work".

I don't know whether to watch the rest of this movie, or go to bed. Let's just check the time... it goes for another hour and a half! Forget it.

I'm sleepy like a sleepy moze-foze but don't feel like going to bed.

If it's... bah I don't know anymore.

Wow. I watched yet another adultery movie. Talk about theme of the month!

Today I did nothing but sit on the couch. But here are photos from yesterday's walk...

Fast Eddie

Sassy (or Lambikins as I call her)

Bobby in his carriage

The Rockster

The Brat Pack

The Dog Wrangler

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