Saturday, April 12, 2008


How the F do you graph a probit model of dummy variables!!

I've got sunshiiine on a marcheee daaaaay...

Yesterday was non-paper day. I went downtown to join the *big* protest--felt it was important to show for that one though I'm not doing any other picketing this week, and didn't go to the Gen Assembly (which apparently was deathfully dull.) The sun was shining, so it was a lovely afternoon for hoisting a sign against one's shoulder while gossiping with the other Poli Sciers who came out. (Quite a lot, cause we're a mini army. Poli Sci is one of the programs with the most number of undergrads--therefore needs grads to grade 'em.)

[Oh - and I was at the protest just long enough to hear one round of so-so-so-solidarité! Woo!]

Then I did some paper work at school. Then went to Dawson to apply for work. Then went to bookstore to work. Off to bed early. Woke up--worked on paper--couple more hours at bookstore--home--pancakes--checking email and fixing something wrong on the computer. Sigh.

Computer fixed. Emails checked. And now... time to get back to the papier. Only three working days left, and then it's Too Late Suckah.

I may do some picketing next week when my work is done. The Poli Sciers all joined the same team, and most importantly, their shifts are in the afternoon (just 2 days.)

I'm not signing up for strike pay because I don't want to be obliged to go all the way downtown for Gen Assemblies etc. But I still want to help out, I think it's the responsible thing to do, having voted yes. Plus... like I said... chance to gossip and see my friends.

The Univ Admin definitely has a different take on whether profs are allowed to do the grading. I can only guess that their interpretation of the law is that grading is part of a prof's description of work, and therefore they can do all of it? While the union is arguing that any hours that were specifically meant for a TA to grade, can't be graded by anyone else.

Ah yes, here's the Q&A that explains, and that is indeed their reasoning. They're also willing to pay any legal fees incurred, and they'll stop the pay of a prof who doesn't grade. Sounds like they intend to get out all the grades without the TAs, so I don't think this strike is going to end anytime soon. Oh la. Can't we all just Get Along?

Oh, also--cute thing. After the Assembly last week one of my school friends from Turkey, and another from China, were both quite excited about the meeting--because you wouldn't have seen anything like it in their home countries. So... something to add to my list of Odd Things I'm Appreciative For. Paying taxes, and dealing with union-ahj.

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