Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ads - is it just me?

I was just skimming a NYT article about--what will happen if we all start using applications that block ads on web sites. Because ad revenue is what makes so much of the internet free, right? And I've often wondered this about tv too, what with the Tivo Revolution on its way. Already there's lots of product placement in the film world, and even more aggressive than that - the Absolut Vodka storyline on Sex and the City was actually a paid advertisement. They paid to have a storyline based on their product.

But what I've long wondered about too is how influential tv and internet and magazine ads really are. I would love to see some studies on this. I've OCCASIONALLY seen a product and thought "dude totally!" like the Bounce sheets that repel lint (cats!) or the odor fighting garbage bags. I often don't buy the product anyway, because it's too expensive; and I don't set out to find it. But if I'm in the store and see it, I'll be all "ooh there's that Bounce stuff!" (I did actually buy the Bounce. It does work.)

These cases are few and far between. Am I in the minority on this? I need to sit down one evening, record all the ads I see, and if I've ever bought these products because I saw them on tv. Usually I try new things out just because I see them in the store.

This even applies to ads I love. I love those Malibu ads, but never buy it. Bicks pickles, but I would buy generic.

Internet ads, even less. The only time I click on them is to get a handle on a site's philosophy ( is it conservative, hippie dippy, liberal, etc.)

Is it just me? Maybe advertizers are worrying for nothing.

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