Wednesday, April 9, 2008

some offline diary entries

April 3rd, 2008

Well I totally have a cold. Good thing we still have tissue stocks that I bought for the infection round. Here's my new line: My nose is runnin' like the law is after it. Heh heh.

Okay, school work now. 12 days left (minus the couple when I work.)

April 5

Cold a little better, or maybe just well controlled by the drugs.

I have to go online once or twice a day to check for student emails because they have papers due Monday. But I only go on with the battery (and lots of applications open) to limit the time I spend. I'm back at my desk now. Unconsciously munching on an excellent peanut butter cookie in a Non Paul McKenna Approved Manner.

April 9

Blerrrgh. This cold just won't go away--I am personally responsible for keeping the economy going right now, through my kleenex purchases.

I've been working on my 2nd last assignment for a couple days--to create and justify a syllabus for a university course. I was determined to get it done and sent to my prof so I stayed up all last night, and sent it at 9 AM. So of course it's taken until 9 PM this evening to get back on the homework wagon. I feel bloochy.

One week til the deadline. I'll lose tomorrow cause I have to do a bunch of other things, and then I've got to push on straight until Tuesday. Things like footnoting, tables and graphs always take a looong time so I've got to leave a day or two to do them properly (for things to go wrong - for cursing at the computer - for fiddling with margins - for inventing new swear words).

Oh and - Academics should have to state their gender somewhere in the bibliographic info of their papers -- either that or we need to switch to gender neutral language. How do I know if Robin is a woman or man? I believe Ilse is female, but what about Ola? What about Zoran, Ada, Slaven and Zeljka from the paper on Croatia and Bos-Herz? Sounds like male, female, male, female--but I'm just guessing. At least I can refer to them as "they" -- it's the solo authors that bug me. When I get the internet back I'll have to look some of these people up so I can correct my text.

Alright. Back to opinion polls on terrorism. Bleuuuurghee. Yesterday I got Fernando to make apple pudding, so at least there's sugar to keep me going. I polished off the peanut butter cookies yesterday.

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