Friday, February 1, 2008

Oh school, how do I hate thee

I'm so mad about being in school by now, I've almost become homicidal. I've just become Resentful. Oh well, experience has taught me that it will fly by, just as the last 4.5 years have. Sigh. At least now that conferences have started my school plate is fuller, which will help put the boot to my butt. Definitely proof super positive that my metabolism wasn't meant to get a PhD. Blech! I keep dreaming of my next story, and coming up with new plot bits.

Today I'm feelin' alright though. I got all showered and dressed and took the bus down to the 211 and then said--what the! I'm canceling my conferences! So I'm back home. Going to change into dry pajamas and make hot chocolate and grade.

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