Thursday, September 27, 2007

me rita craze

I took out a Les Rita Mitsouko best of, just for the song "C'est Comme Ça" -- and fell madly in love with them. Ahhh this is early Dresden Dolls - weirdness and great pop.

Not sure their newest album is as good, but here's a duet from it, with the System of a Down guy.

And here - the fantastic wailing of "Les Amants."

Let the Holidays Begin!

Oh no! Christmas album season has come to iTunes. Ohhh I love it. I get all sucked in and listen to everything! As I said last year, it's the ultimate cover genre, and I love cover genres.

Up this week - Gloria Gaynor, and Hall & Oates! I don't get more cheezy and random than that. But I think I'll have to pass... hold out for something truly great or truly crap.

Speaking of holidays, my cooking mood seems to have survived through September. Last semester whenever I got fed up with homework I went and baked brownies or something, and then ate them all, which didn't do my Petite Waistline any favors. This semester I still find that restlessness, but have discovered that I can quench it by cooking anything, doesn't have to be sweets. Well it can be sweets... yesterday I made pumpkin bread, and last week little low fat brownie cookies, but I'm learning to pre-wrap and freeze these things, so there's a mild barrier between cooking and scarfing.

But I also make chick pea sandwich filling, or try fake cheese recipes, or stuffed mushrooms... and I watch whatever I've taped off tv at the same time. And then I go back to my readings with my little treats. And then there's food in the fridge to take to school! It's all rather revolutionary.

So all this to say--bring on that inevitable holiday cooking mood! This year I'll be ready!!

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