Thursday, June 5, 2008

If it's Wednesday it must be Nanaimo

Managed to get out of my pajamas today. Errands day.

Cruising out of the nabe.

Francey hiding from the camera before we do groceries.

The Father sounds his barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.

The Front Row Seat houses.

I conquer this land in the name of Mabel.

Cruising up to the castle. (It's a group of condos... that's not their whole house.)

The Father suspects alien invaders in the nabe, as evidenced by these pods.

Spots of nature about the homestead... holly...

Purple somethings...
Poppies...A deer...

And of course SCOTCH BROOM ! Woo!The garage robots motion for us to move the car in slowly... Stop!

Follow me into the sometimes frightening World of Francey...

Where Elvis is still alive...

Rows of clients wait to have their identities removed and new ones painted on...

Another satisfied customer...



Run away! Run away!

Back to civilization... a Spot of Art painted by The Francey.

Toiling away in the kitchen. Philea flies to me because she knows that where Mabel goes, food is sure to follow.

Bird attempts to rip my lips off.

Bird dancing to La Compagnie Créole.

Chara looking on suspiciously.

Auntie's Little Helper.

Birdie #1.

Inspecting the Post-Supper carnage.

Sitting on my knee--no lip biting.

And a Fresh Perspective.

The Francey watches for baby deer.

But only gets a quail.Finishing up the Star Wars trilogy Birthday Viewing. "It is too late for me, son."

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