Thursday, November 1, 2007


Day two of my muscle achee and chills. I've been on a constant dose of Tylenol-Codeine, because if I come off, I have a major chills attack. Last night I had to put on flannel pajamas, and three thick blankets before I could get warm (and it was 18 degrees during the day--so the apartment was warm.) Eventually the chills wore off, though maybe because I had enough dope in my system. Then I was finally able to do some of my readings for school.

I stayed dopey all day today, but when I woke up from my post-school nap, I had the chills again. Three blankets, monkey jammies, and the space heater under my blankets--and I was like that for 15 minutes before I felt warm.

I'm okay now, except that throughout all this I've had one of my intractable headaches--the one that feels like someone is boring into my skull, and pain killers don't help. So no homework tonight, no grading--I've brought the mini tv into my room, and I'm watching my taped shows. I keep massaging my head, which helps a bit--the muscles around my skull are super tender.

Okay my battery's about to run out and I'm too lazy to plug in the computer. bye!

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