Tuesday, June 3, 2008

If it's Monday it must be Ladysmith

Today was cloudy. I made pancakes for my breakfast/the parental lunch. Then The Pater and I drove out for a random adventure--he wanted to see if his friend would be out working on his boat, in the Ladysmith Harbour.

Ladysmith is a old mining town down the lane from Nanaimo, also home to the Chemainus people.
Not to be confused with Ladysmith Black Mambazo, though they're both named for the same place in South Africa.
The drive down the highway with the loggers.

Scotch Broom!
Into town...
Down to the harbour...

No sign of The Friend's truck in the parking lot, but we decided to wander the docks and see if The Pater would recognize the boat name. Maybe leave him a note. Maybe have An Adventure to make up for taking the drive down.

Passed some antique boats.
Came across a fancy houseboat! And ran into the owners so we took a tour. I can now say that I have ridden an elevator in a houseboat. How many people can say the same?
Side-tour with houseboat people paid off. They informed us there was a second harbour. There we found the object of our quest!

Friend's Boat: The Tiercel, which is a kind of hawk. (Boat names are great fun. The houseboat's name is Watership Down. I saw one little boat called The Sneaker. My brother once made a cartoon strip featuring a spaceship called The Indestructible II.)
And the side road drive home...

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