Thursday, March 13, 2008


Doctor for hour and a half, then slept for 10 hours. Blehhh. Now I have some congestion and a cough.

Today reconfirmed why I don't go to the doctor when I'm sick. I went this time because Fernando's been so sick, I thought it was "responsible." I should know better.

I never go to docs because there's always a good chance that what you have is viral, in which case there's nothing they can do (unless it goes on for weeks, like Fernando). Why sit in a germ filled office when I could be in bed? And sure enough, my throat infection is probably viral.

They did a quick strep test, which only tests for the most common kinds, and it was negative. My test then gets sent to a lab, and if it comes back positive in two days (or after the weekend) then I fill my Penicillin prescription. But even if it still turns out I have strep throat, by the time I get the call, and get my Penvee filled, and it takes 72 hours before you feel any effect, I'll be over the hump. So what's the point?

And what did it take to get this non result? $30 and a woman scraping the back of my throat with a gag-inducing q-tip. OUCH! Twice. No, no, forget the doctor next time.

I don't regret going, though. I had my new ipod, and I read a good book in the office, and I needed a walk. I'm not usually up early enough to enjoy a beautiful sunny morning like today. It was -13, but no wind, and the sun glinting off all these awesome snowbanks. I walked through the park on a human-trod path, and at one point saw a piece of wood in the snow. I thought, what is this wood here?? Then realized it was the top of a park bench. I was walking about 3-4 feet off the ground. Freaky!

oh la looo looo

I'm gonna walk over to the walk-in clinic this morning, and line up with all the old ladies who get out of bed at 5 AM. Yesterday I couldn't fall asleep until 7 AM, and I don't feel anymore tired today, so might as well take advantage to jump the line.

Loo loo loo. Installing stata, and hoping it's gonna work. Restart computer loo loo loo. I'm not as used to installing stuff on PCs.

I wonder when the mall opens, where the walkin in located. How early could I go? I don't want to stand around outside. At least I have my new ipod, and I'll bring a good book (as opposed to the boring ones I try to read when in school.)

Loo loo loo. Laaaaaa la la la. There must be something I could watch on youtube right now.

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