Tuesday, March 11, 2008

sickitude update

Alright. I still have a killer sore throat, but the codeine and popcicle chewing seem to be keeping it in check.

The good news--when Fernando had his sore throat (first symptom of his sickness) it was a post-nasal drip type sore throat, and he had stuffed sinuses. I have totally clear sinuses, and I can tell this is a throat infection, not nasal drip pain. I've had this throat infection (tonsils?) several times in the past. And it's never turned into something nastier. And my body aches seem to be receding.

In other news...

Fernando was on super hard core antibiotics, but he still has this crazy cough and gross lungs (he sounds like an old man whose been smoking for 60 years.) So he went to the doctor today, and the doc said there's no way this is still a bacterial infection. He must now have a viral infection. So the new drug of choice? Prednisone! Weee! The all-purpose super drug! Let's hope this works. It's been a month now he's been sick!

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