Saturday, March 8, 2008

Put the deco back in decorate!

Paul and I went down the hill to the store today, in the raging snowstorm. It was very exciting. Had to get decongestants for The Sick One. Looking out the window, this appears to be the wildest snowstorm yet! Craziness!

The Sick One and I have decided to move next year (lease up in April) so now I've started planning where I want to live, and what new bits I'd like to buy for the new place.

It's not that we really *need* anything, and I hate to be too Consumeree-Evil... but I am glad of the idea of starting fresh somewhere. We've lived here for 10 years. We decorated somewhat when we moved in, and we used to have people over etc. But the floors have worn out, and there's paint peeling in spots--it needs an overhaul. And it's harder to overhaul while living in a place than when you first move in. Plus the owners are cheap and never fix anything up. I mean, think about it... after 10 years surely something needs improving. (Well yes, they did install new pipes yesterday... after my kitchen was flooded last weekend.)

We need a new couch, because the current one (inherited when parents moved away) gives me an instant headache when I sit on it. I need something higher. Or maybe a couple of Lazyboys! Then we can be like old people, sitting around on our chairs, smoking a pipe or doing the knitting.

The beds are fine. Washer, dryer, dishwasher all fine.

We need new blinds. I have curtains up right now, but with Nombly the Peeing Wonder running around you never know what's safe. Nice looking blinds, but washable, would be prudent.

I'd like some new book cases. I have some old metal ones from the 70s that need to go. And some plastic ones that are buckling under the weight of my books.

And possibly I would like a new bread box (which we need to keep the cats from eating the bread.) There's a really cute one on someone's blog that I envy.

And maybe I'll get some cute dining table off Craigslist. Here's someone custom made Louis XV dining table. Heh heh.

Or "Scandanavian teak"?

Something chichi?


Ahh that's more like it --you'd all want to be invited over to eat on that!

Art Deco, to get my Bertie Wooster on.

Or since the 80s are back in...!

Get my Regency on.

But nothing says retro like Formica. Love this photo--it's so my Gramma's house in the 70s.

Anyway. It's my new obsession. Now I'll have to start my millionth blog! Tscone Decorates!

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