Monday, January 12, 2009

Breezy instrumental posting

I'm watching my new Banacek dvd, and I've got the subtitles on because Fernando's sleeping, I don't want to put the sound too loud. Sometimes subtitles are really amusing. Like, during the theme song: "Breezy instrumental music." If I ever lose my hearing, I'll have to remember that Breezy Instrumental Music means that classic 80s tv show theme style.

I'm still working on my computer cleanup, hence all the tv watching right after I said I was going to get back to writing! But, well, one thing at a time. I can't cook in a messy kitchen, and I can't write on a messy computer.


-p. said...

"I can't write on a messy computer...."

I hear you. I spent, like, hours this weekend deleting, renaming and moving files, and backing them all up to my portable clone drive in anticipation of the new semester...


gmc said...

Even harder to cook on a messy computer ... mind you that is one advantage to those over-heating batteries...

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